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Why Support European Frontier Foundation

There many charitable causes and many charities to choose from. If helping save lives in Ukraine resonates with you, why give your hard-earned cash to European Frontier Foundation specifically?

The answer lies in our strict focus on our core activities and operational efficiency.

When many of the large charities have a rather substantial overhead, European Frontier Foundation is a streamlined and lean organisation. We fundraise exclusively online and do not employ either fee or commission-based external fundraisers. No one at the Foundation is taking a salary and all our projects are volunteer-run.

Despite being based in London, we do not incur an expensive premises cost. Instead, we run a de-centralised and distributed operation, leveraging the recent technological advances, such as videoconferencing, Slack and Asana to manage the Foundation’s projects.

We do take great care with procurement of the goods. We negotiate the price and work hard to ensure the products we supply reach our intended recipients as directly and quickly as possible.

Being a registered charity also allows us to benefit from Gift Aid scheme. Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated at no extra cost to UK taxpayers making a donation. Hence, if you are a UK taxpayer, every £1 you donate, can be worth up to £1.25 to the final beneficiaries of our charitable work.