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Support our humanitarian efforts in Ukraine


To keep our overhead low, we are entirely volunteer-run and there are many ways to make your contribution count. We welcome expressions of interest from people of various skill sets – from running a social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter to procurement, desktop publishing and helping us manage legal and regulatory matters. If you wish to help - there is a space for you.

To volunteer with us, please reach out:

  • info[at]europefrontier.org
  • +44 7447 870 865


Joining forces with family and friends or taking on a solo challenge to fundraise for a good cause can feel awesome. If you want to fundraise to save lives, we are keen to hear from you.

Your imagination is the only limit to what you could do. From running a marathon to washing cars, asking your friends to make a donation in lieu of your birthday present or asking your employer to support us – there are many ways to personally contribute.

To start a fundraiser for European Frontier Foundation please click here.

Alternatively, to discuss your fundraising idea please reach out:

  • info[at]europefrontier.org
  • +44 7447 870 865

Want to fundraise but stuck for inspiration? Watch this space - we will post some ideas to help you started:


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