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We focus our resources on projects which can save most lives at a particular time. Whilst the war in Eastern Ukraine continues, our primary focus remains on the First Aid and Hospital & Ambulance. When hostilities cease, we expect Wounded & Disabled projects to become the main focus of our activity and provide a greater support to those in need.

The situation in Ukraine remains fluid. We continue to make adjustments to our operational strategy to remain focused on our overall priority - saving lives.

First Aid

In the war-torn Eastern Ukraine, heavy battlefield weapons and acts of terrorism cause injuries and take people's lives every day. Providing first aid to the casualty on the spot can be a defining moment to save a person’s life. Equipped with the modern first aid kits and trained in their use, first aiders can effectively treat the three most common causes of death under these circumstances: haemorrhage from bleeding wounds, tension pneumothorax and airway problems. Correctly applied treatment allows the injured to be stabilised and transported to the medical facility for further care.

This is why First Aid is a top priority project for the Foundation. Even relatively little money spent on a CAT Tourniquet or CELOX haemostatic bandage can save a life. Please DONATE.

Deep gratitude for the help you provided. Regretfully, not all of us had CELOX with us in the field, however with your help, as of today, every one of us has it. We have all witnessed it in action - when our comrade was shot through the hand, we used CELOX straight away and bandaged him. He did not lose a single drop of blood whilst we transported him to the hospital.

Ukrainian Soldier

Here are some photos from the the training session where we distributed 60 of your First Aid Kits...

...and here is also a photo of the "souvenirs" we got from the boys in exchange for the First Aid Kits - Individual Field Dressing pack (made 1956-59), bandages (made 1987). Except for this, of the medical kit, they had nothing :(

an NGO volunteer
Hospital & Ambulance

Hospitals and Ambulance services, in particular those located in the Eastern Ukraine are at the forefront of the life-saving efforts, providing the much needed treatment for the civilian and servicemen casualties of the war and terrorism. It takes more than doctors and nurses, even the most excellent, to run a hospital. Medical equipment, medicine and a myriad other things a hospital needs are costly.

This is why Hospital & Ambulance is on the roster of projects the Foundation pursues. Every donation, even a small one, makes a big difference - please DONATE to help save a life

Wounded & Disabled

Wars leave an army in their wake. An army of injured, wounded and disabled people - civilian and soldiers alike. Some of the wounds are easy for all to see and some - like post-traumatic stress disorder - can manifest themselves long time after the trauma. We work to help such people regain their health, both physical and mental, restore confidence and reintegrate into society.

We expect the Wounded & Disabled to be an ongoing effort long after the other projects end. You donation can help someone return to health - please DONATE.

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