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Working To Save Lives In Ukraine

European Frontier Foundation is a UK registered charity supporting humanitarian projects in Ukraine and working to save lives of servicemen and civilians. We deliver first aid kits, support local hospitals and ambulance services and facilitate rehabilitation of the people with injuries caused by acts of terrorism and use of battlefield weapons. We also pursue various projects of humanitarian nature which promote normalisation of the living conditions of those affected by war.

First Aid

We procure and deliver first aid kits and individual first aid kit items. Skilfully applied modern first aid kits can eliminate a large percentage of preventable battlefield deaths from bleeding out, blocked airways, tension pneumothorax and similar causes requiring immediate attention before an injured person can be transported to the hospital for treatment.

Hospital & Ambulance

We support Ukrainian hospitals and ambulance services treating the servicemen and civilian casualties of the war and acts of terrorism.

Wounded & Disabled

We contribute towards the cost of treatment of people of Ukraine who became injured and disabled due to war and acts of terrorism. Some injuries are evident for all to see. Some, like post-traumatic stress disorder, will take years to manifest themselves. Our mission is to stop people of Ukraine dying from war wounds after their war ends.

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